$1000 Reward! Recover the Flag!

Russian cosmonauts working for MirCorp flew a pirate flag to the Mir space station in 2000, where they officially stamped and autographed the flag. In 2008, Rick Tumlinson transported this priceless, original pirate flag to an international conference in South Korea, where it was unfortunately stolen. A $1,000 reward is being offered for the safe return of the missing pirate flag. Anonymity is offered to the party able to arrange the safe return of the flag.

ISDC 2005

The missing pirate flag that went to Mir


One Response to “$1000 Reward! Recover the Flag!”

  1. jolly roger sighting

    Robin Snelson
    to Michael, Rick

    Hey Rick does this kid look familiar?

    Rick@ RickTumlinson.com
    to me

    But that one is too big to be mine. It looks full size.

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