Bend Film Fest

Space Frontier Foundation Vision of the Future Winner
Orphans of Apollo Selected Documentary at Bend Film Festival

NYACK, New York – October 10, 2008

Orphans of Apollo, winner of the Space Frontier Foundation’s Vision of the Future 2008, makes its public debut this weekend at Bend Film Festival. Director Michael Potter will be available for a question and answer session, after the screening Saturday, October 11, 2:00 p.m.

Orphans of Apollo, created by first-time filmmaker/producer Michael Potter, was honored with the Space Frontier Foundation’s Vision of the Future Award on July 20, 2008, the 39th anniversary of the first Apollo Moon landing. The award was presented after a private screening for attendees at the Foundation’s annual conference, NewSpace 2008. Orphans of Apollo is the extraordinary true story of MirCorp, a rebel group of entrepreneurs who commandeered the Russian Mir space station-by leasing it from the Russian government. The film documents the pioneering efforts of bold men who fought to open space for all humanity and launched the New Space Revolution.

“This film really expresses the vision of the Space Frontier Foundation,” said William Watson, Foundation Executive Director. “It tells the story of past accomplishments, frustrated ambition and gives reason to hope for the future of opening the space frontier. MirCorp was ahead of its time.”

“This movie represents a substantial investment of energy, countless hours, and the talent of a great many people,” Michael Potter said, accepting the award. “It is humbling to be recognized for such an honor when we know there are people in the NewSpace movement who are bending metal, and doing everything they can to get us off this rock we call Earth. I accept this award on behalf of the entire Apollo generation that was orphaned by the U.S. government. Let’s celebrate in space!”

After the sneak preview in July, one previewer told Potter, “Over the last year I have been asking myself why I am putting so much energy into space activism. I just want to thank you for your film and for reminding me why I am so involved and so committed to the NewSpace movement.”

Potter commented, “These heartfelt and passionate responses are what continue to keep me engaged and fuel my efforts to tell The Greatest Space Story Never Told!”

Leading space journalist Jeff Foust previewed the July screening, saying: “To many in the entrepreneurial NewSpace community, [MirCorp founder] Walt Anderson is something of a folk hero.” Another sneak preview was well-received at NASA Ames Research Center on October 3.

For updates about Orphans of Apollo, visit its blog.

The Space Frontier Foundation presents annual awards to people, companies and institutions that have made the greatest contributions in the last year to opening the space frontier. Previous recipients of the Foundation’s “Vision of the Future” Award include Joss Whedon for the movie Serenity based on the television series “Firefly,” the movie “Fantastic Four” for its depiction of a commercial space station, Space Channel Canada for portraying space as accessible to everyone, and the IMAX Corporation for its production of “L-5 City in Space.”

Space Frontier Foundation
William J. Watson
Executive Director


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