More about NASA Ames sneak preview

The nice guys at NASA Ames Research Center mailed back the camera — and the pictures were still on it! Check out the Flickr photostream for evidence of NASA hospitality.

Student intern David Gomez

Michael’s notes for his talk before the movie:

We have arrived at a remarkable moment in history.

Today 51 years ago (Russian Time) Sputnik entered Earth’s orbit…becoming the first Earth satellite sent by humanity.

The New Space Revolution, of entrepreneurs pushing the world into space, stands firmly on the achievements of the small satellite Sputnik. Sputnik itself was the size of a beach ball but it transformed the world far greater then the largest nuclear weapon. This one peaceful satellite captured the imagination of everyone around the world,

And almost as importantly, 4 Years ago tomorrow California time, the $10 Million dollar X-Prize was won by SpaceShipOne.

Mir is the perfect microcosm of the entire space debate.

Mir covers all the big issues–everything from international politics to low cost access to orbit.

When people see the A for Anarchy symbol on the Orphans of Apollo poster, they often become a bit cautious and a bit concerned about this “underground” film.

But what unites these people in the film with this audience here?

First of all, despite all of the challenges, and many of the later complications facing many of the key subjects in this adventure…. they really express truly American Values. The drive to do what they believe is right. Even if the government has not caught up with them.

The MirCorp was an effort to accomplish a goal — smaller, faster, cheaper, in a similar spirit to Clementine and other results-oriented projects.

What is my goal with the film?

It is to try to understand the lessons learned from this remarkable story

Basic questions. Should we have worked with Russians? Was it successful? How could we have done things better? Smarter?

To generate debate.

But most importantly this is a discussion about leadership.

The leadership of great countries, spacefaring countries.

The leadership of humanity.

The leadership of great organizations.

The leadership of a band of brothers.

And right here in this room, all of those who are trying to move humanity to a better place … you are my Band of Brothers and Sisters.


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