Orphans on The Space Show

Broadcast 1162 (Special Edition) Aired on May 25th, 2009
From Dr. David Livingston, The Space Show:

Michael Potter returned to The Space Show for updates regarding his excellent documentary film, “Orphans of Apollo.” You can learn more about the film and purchase your copy of it which I recommend by visiting www.orphansofapollo.com. Michael told us the story of a group of rebel entrepreneurs who almost bought the Russian Mir Space Station to use it for commercial purposes. Its an inspiring and exciting story with lessons to be learned that are playing a role in guiding today’s space entrepreneurs. During the show, one of the business participants in the Mir purchase featured in the film, Gus Gardellini, called in and added stories and detail to enhance the story told in this excellent documentary film. Gus also told us about his book on the subject being written and asked for feedback and possible NASA/Mir information so if you have such information, please send your note to themirbook@gmail.com. One of the important things driven home by Michael Potter during this show and in the film was the leadership required for this project. He also talked about the importance of the Band of Brothers management style. We also talked about national security issues because the Mir entrepreneurs wanted to use 1950’s technology including the electrodynamics tether. You will certainly want to hear what he had to say about this subject and export control. As this show unfolds, you will hear why this story is still relevant and important today and why many say that this story is the greatest space story never told. I urge you to see this film or order it from the above website.

LIsten to the show

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