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Sacramento International Film Fest March 30

Posted in Intelligence with tags , , , , on March 22, 2009 by Robin

Orphans of Apollo featured at 4:30 on Monday March 30, at the 24th Street Theater. Tickets on sale at the Sacramento International Film Festival page here.


Orphans of Apollo sneaked at NASA Ames

Posted in Intelligence with tags , , , on October 7, 2008 by Robin

NASA Ames Research Center hosted a sneak preview at the Ames auditorium last Friday. Introducing the movie, Center Director Pete Worden said he could confirm some of the facts in Orphans of Apollo, but the opinions expressed are entirely those of the speakers.

Michael noted that it was October 3 in California, but already October 4 in Russia — the 51st anniversary of Sputnik. October 4 is NASA’s 50th birthday and the fourth anniversary of SpaceShipOne’s X Prize-winning flight, so it was a fitting day to show this movie about a rebel band of space entrepreneurs and the Russian Mir space station to our friends at NASA.

Some Ames employees, contractors and interns we talked to after the screening said they had never heard about MirCorp’s attempt to save the the Mir, and are now curious to know more about the story.

We took photos — including a nice shot of student intern David Gomez in a pirate-themed t-shirt standing by the movie poster — but the camera was seized by NASA security. Just kidding! Some nice guys at Ames found the camera on a conference room table and mailed it back. Evidence will be posted on Flickr soon.