The Orphans

Walt Anderson
Anderson began his telecommunications career as a salesman at MCI Communications in 1979. He entered into entrepreneurship in the 1980s and 1990s. Anderson bankrolled many early private space ventures and paved the way for the “astropreneurs” who followed. His most high-profile space investment was MirCorp, the 1990s start-up that briefly privatised Russia’s ageing Mir space station.

Rick Tumlinson
Co-founder of the Space Frontier Foundation and a prominent space activist. Tumlinson conducts many talks and speeches in the field of space advocacy. His talks range from critiques and discussions of current national space policy, to the presentation of a “Frontier” ideology for opening space.

Jeff Manber
Regarded as one of the pioneering commercial space entrepreneurs. His early interest in space took the form of writing on microgravity business opportunities for publications such as The New York Times, McGraw Hill, and Town & Country Magazine among others.

Gus Gardellini
Gus was an executive at Esprit Telecommunication and a founder of Microspace a commercial space start-up project in the late 1980s. Gus has an engineering degree from UCLA, an MBA from the University of Hawaii and certificate in space studies from the International Space University.

John Jacobson
John has an extensive background in international business. He studied business at California State University Long Beach and became President of Kuster Company, a worldwide leader in manufacturing, design and supply of Geophysical Instrumentation for the gas and oil industry

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    How soon can we get a showing in the Washington area?

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